Breast Implant claims

Thankfully the majority of breast implant (breast augmentation) procedures occur without incident. However, in some circumstances patients can receive negligent treatment, resulting in complications that can be life changing both physically and psychologically.

Regardless of whether the procedure was carried out by a public or private healthcare provider you can trust our team of expert solicitors to deal with your claim in a discreet and professional manner.

You have a right to expect a high standard of care from both private and NHS medical professionals. Unfortunately, for some women the experience falls well below reasonable standards. When that happens we're here to ensure that you get the compensation and the help and support that you deserve.

The most common complications suffered as a result of breast implant negligence include:

  • Infection

  • Reduction or complete loss of nipple sensation 

  • Visible implants

  • Capsular Contracture - contracting scar tissue results in the implant being an odd shape or being hard

  • Bleeding into the breast tissue

  • Haematoma

If you have suffered complications due to breast implant surgery negligence, you may be due compensation. By pursuing a claim such as this, you may well help protect other women from suffering similar complications in the future.

Fosters Lawyers are experts in dealing with breast implant negligence claims. Our team of highly experienced injury lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis. People who suffer from breast implant negligence require special care and assistance so that they recover physically, psychologically and financially. Come direct to Fosters Lawyers, a solicitors firm who are sensitive to your needs and will fight hard so that you receive the maximum compensation.

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