Botox and fillers

If the botox or filler procedure you have received was sub-standard and resulted in illness, injury or psychological damage, you may be due compensation for medical negligence.

When people seek botox or filler procedures, we place a huge amount of trust in clinical experts.

More often than not, our trust is well placed and we receive the treatment and care expected, but unfortunately, mistakes can happen and the consequences can be life-changing.

If your post-treatment appearance was not as it was promised to be, you may have been the victim of misrepresentation which could support a claim for compensation, which can include the cost of getting experienced, professional treatment.

The main ways in which patients suffer injuries as a result of botox / filler negligence include:

  • Incorrect advice
  • Inadequate technique / training
  • Cosmetic procedure error / complications

Regardless of severity, if you have suffered due to botox or filler negligence, you may be due compensation. By pursuing a claim such as this, you may well help protect others from suffering similar long-term effects in the future.

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Claim the compensation you are entitled to

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